Saturday, March 31, 2012

poetry and sculpture

It could be that the answer, how can poetry be more like sculpture?, can be suggested, in part, by Trisha Brown:

I once told a friend, a poet, that I was interested in a poetry that was trying to be like sculpture. His reaction was surprising to me, I think he was actually a little angry. This was along time ago, but I remember him quoting Hegel. This was a turning point in our friendship, possibly.

My statement was meant to be more koan-ish than anything else, since there isn't an answer, only new doors of possibility that open up that, when pursued, will take poetry always short of a medium not poetry--or vice versa. An immediate and intentional misunderstanding of the nature of form, used as a constraint, is where, to me, the most interesting actions, or collisions, occur.

I don't know everything about this piece above. But I have seen her make pieces like this, and what I love is the convergence, the confusion of forms and mediums. How do you separate the painter from the dance?

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