Monday, August 1, 2011

Creative Reading

I wonder if there are people out there who read creatively? If we can agree that reading is an active act, that it is something more than a passive activity, then a reader can choose to read creatively, as an artist. The art of reading. Similar to how, say, a performer in an orchestra is also an artist. Or how a jazz musician might interpret a song, using improvisation. The difference with reading as art might be, however, that there will always be an audience of one.

What would improvised reading look like?

There is action and movement involved in reading. Think of reading as dance. Your eyes move across and up and down the page. Usually from left to right, and down the page, if you are reading in English. Your hands move also. So is it like dance, or is it like theater. Think about space. The room you're reading in as stage, and where are you sitting, how is the light, where are your eyes drawn?

You make noise while you read. Are you making music? Or is it only music if you record yourself and replay it for someone?

These are some of the ways I hope you think about Reading Room.

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